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Physical Education

Featuring: Kirra Lynne and Aiden Boyd
Date: May 1st, 2015
Duration: 14:13
Kirra Lynne is having a tough time with her trainer. She's a very fit girl, but her trainer is putting her through the ringer. "You can't even get through this workout," he says to Kirra. "What can you do?" Kirra smiles and says, "There are a few things I can do." Kirra pulls her trainer's shorts down, grabs his cock and stuffs his meat into her mouth. She may not finish today's workout, but she'll still work up a sweat in this sex session. Temperatures are rising in South Florida, but it's Kirra's phat ass and tight thighs that are about to make our thermometers pop. Kirra bounces in a squat position while she sucks his cock. She's still getting her thigh workout in, but now she's enjoying it. And when she hops on her trainer's cock, she pumps her legs and works his cock like she's riding a mountain bike up a trail. We think Kirra's going to add this workout routine to her regimen permanently. .

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