Lucky Clover

Felicia Clover has big, natural, F-cup tits. It would be a shame for those tits not to get fondled and squeezed and fucked. But don't worry. In this scene, they get fondled and squeezed and fucked. Felicia also has a big, round, plush, 43-inch booty. It would be a shame for that booty not to get fondled, squeezed and fucked, but don't worry. In this scene, it gets fondled and squeezed and fucked. Yeah, it's a mighty good day when a 20-year-old babe is taking it up the ass for all the world to see.

"It's a nice booty, don't you think?" Felicia asked us. She didn't expect an answer. We just nodded our heads like idiots.

She also said, "I can't wear short shorts because my ass falls out of the bottom and also comes out of the top. " We nodded like idiots again, not knowing what's wrong with her ass falling out of her shorts. Who's going to complain?

And then Felicia said, "I love to give head when I am drunk. I also love it when you put caramel on it. If you cover a dick in caramel, I…

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Featuring: Felicia Clover and Sergio
Date: September 22nd, 2022
Photos: 71

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Hopefully one day she will return, that would be quite epic.

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