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Jasmin and Pinky: Booty Camp Three-way

Date: October 26th, 2017
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Pinky, tell us all about "Ass Worship 101." "'Ass Worship 101' is all about a girl with a deserving booty learning how to appreciate it. She doesn't have to get fucked in her ass. I sure as hell don't! But she's gotta know that if she has a big, round ass, it's meant to be appreciated. It isn't meant to be covered up. Give it some sun! Let the world see what you've got so they can worship it. That's what my movie Big-Ass Boot Camp is all about. It's about teaching girls like Jasmin how to properly appreciate what they've got." It's your turn, Jasmin. Tell us what you learned in Big-Ass Boot Camp. "I learned that a finger in my ass is good and a dick is better. I learned that if you have an ass like mine, you've gotta stick it out when you're sucking a guy's dick and work it hard. A girl like me, guys might like me 'cause of my pretty face, but it's my ass they really want." .

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