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Sex Education

Featuring: Serenity Evans and Jeremy Ace
Date: March 21st, 2019
Photos: 54
Normally, staying after class for detention is punishment. But when your detention buddy is a girl like Serenity Evans, you'd probably skip class a few times on purpose in hopes of a few extra detention sessions. "This isn't so bad," our boy Jeremy Ace says. "We get to be in school longer, and study some more." "Nerd alert," Serenity responds. "You belong here." Jeremy is a dude who's serious about his studies, and in particular anatomy and sex education. So he's definitely the perfect after-school study buddy for Serenity. "Do you like what you see?" She asks. Jeremy needs a closer look to be sure, but body and booty look promising. He strips her jeans off and takes some firm bites into her caramel apple bottom before taking her top off and helping himself to her cute A-cup breasts. It's not long before Serenity wants to explore Jeremy's anatomy and stuffs his now-rock-hard pecker into her curious mouth.

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