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Featuring: Barbie Banx
Barbie Banx is here to remind us why summer is our favorite time of year. The weather is warm, there's a barbecue every weekend and all of the baddest chicks in town are wearing the tightest, shortest outfits they can squeeze into. It's the greatest three months of the year. Barbie is flipping some wieners on the grill, but the way her short shorts keep sliding down to reveal a bit of juicy ass is making our wieners plump. She picks one of the wieners up and slides it into her mouth and down her throat. It's safe to say this chick has a healthy appetite. "I get turned on pretty easily, pretty quickly," Barbie said. "I'm kind of like a dude in that sense. I can make anything sexual in my head and I'll take it there, too. Maybe most girls don't like admitting to being as sexual as they really are, but I don't care. There's no shame in my game."
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Featuring: Tia Sweets
All a caged bird wants to do is get out and spread its wings. What does a caged jailbird want to do? If the jailbird is a thick, big-bootied bitch like Tia Sweet, she'll want to get out of confinement, too. With her luscious assets, we don't think it will take too much convincing. Tia grabs the attention of our janitor Big Pike by popping her booty and making her ass cheeks clap. "Why don't you look over here?" she asks with a purr. "If you help me get out of here, I'll do you a little favor." "Yeah?" Pike responds. "What kind of favor?" Tia's favors are the best you'll ever get. She starts by sucking on his fat cock while she bounces her ass behind her. "Oh, your cock is so big," she says in between gagging on it. This is where Tia really shows she craves her freedom as much as she does a stiff cock splitting her cunt. She hops on top of him reverse cowgirl and pops her ass and pussy for Pike. "Oh, I needed that cock," she moans. Then Pike gets up, turns Tia over and beasts on her pussy doggy-style. He's getting everything this favor has coming to him, and so is Tia. She cums with moans that are a mix of pain and pleasure as he beats her pussy up, and she vibrates her ass on his cock when another orgasm washes over her. Eventually, this jailbird gets her own favor in return: a hot load of cum all over tanned ass. "So, are you going to let me out now?" Tia asks. "Well, I guess I owe you now," Pike responds.
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Featuring: Sapphira
Sapphira's so sexy, she doesn't need to speak. She lets her ass and hips do the talking. And they're whispering sweet nothings to us as she pops her ass in front of the camera. She then slips her jeans off and gives us a look at her tasty, chocolate ass. We'd love to take a bite out of that big apple bottom, and we don't think Sapphira would mind. She's a kinky chick. "I'm into a lot of stuff people wouldn't expect when they see me," she says. "My biggest fantasy is to be in a gangbang with a group of girls wearing strap-ons. I'd let them all take turns fucking me. I get wet just talking about it." And she gets our cocks hard just talking about it.
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Featuring: Kelli Staxxx
We like our women in all flavors, but sometimes there's nothing like a vanilla vixen. Kelli Staxxx is the type of chick that gets our blood flowing to just one place. She's got a 46-inch ass that we'd love to cover in all types of fixings to top this badonkadonk sundae. You know, dropping some sprinkles and whipped cream with a cherry on top, before splitting her pink cherry non-stop. "That's a whole lot of booty," Kelli says as she makes her booty bounce. "You think you can you handle it?" We probably couldn't, but we know just the dude who can. Our boy Lucas Stone has a booty craving he loves to satisfy, and a big, black cock to give Kelli the fuck of her life. Lucas starts by burying his face in Kelli's phat booty. "Yeah, bury your face in that ass," she says. "Can you breathe?" "Mmhmm," he mumbles with his face plunged into her ass. Lucas has 46 reasons not to come up for air, and we can't blame him. Though, when he finally does come up, it's only for a second. Kelli jumps on top into a 69 and gags on Lucas' cock, while he buries his face in her pussy again. "Fuck this pussy." That's what Kelli says when she finally unlatches her horny mouth from Lucas's cock. "Can you breathe?" she asks. With some good ass and pussy in front of him, we know our boy will find the second and third wind he needs to beat up Kelli's cunt. She hops on top of Lucas and works his man meat like she's riding a mechanical bull. Then, Lucas flips her over and beasts on her pussy missionary. "Oh yeah, right there," Kelli says. "That's it. Fuck that pussy." Lucas is still only taking samples of this vanilla vixen right now, though. He turns her around and beats up Kelli's pussy in doggy style; then she rides Lucas reverse-cowgirl. Finally, Lucas lays her down for a sideways fuck. We mentioned dropping some whipped cream on Kelli's phat ass earlier. We'd definitely like a taste of that, but with a vanilla vixen like her, dropping a thick load of man-cream on her ass works just as well. Lucas drops a ton on her ass. What more could a thick hottie like Kelli want? "Ahh...he came all over this big, juicy ass," she says gasping for breath.
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