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4.8/5 Stars
Featuring: Lana Sky
We've all been there. It's a little while since you've fucked a nice piece of ass, so you hop in the car and drive around town hoping to see something that catches your eye. You don't have any particular destination in mind and you're just looking to see what you find. You're just trollin' for some booty. Our boy Commando is doing that today. And it's his lucky day because he stumbles upon Lana Sky. "How you doin' with your sexy self?" Commando asks as Lana walks over to his car. We know that she looks very good right now. Lana's rockin' a fishnet dress and bikini top that would kill most of the girls walking down runways. She's a killer. Lana and Commando head back to his place, and that's where the fun begins.
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4.7/5 Stars
Featuring: Ms. Yummy
Ms. Yummy may be from Chicago but she dresses like a South Florida chica, overflowing her booty shorts and tank top. "I dress to show off my curves," said Ms Yummy. She does a great job of it. Checking out the skyline from a terrace overlooking the bay, Ms Yummy twerk-dances, her butt-cheeks swiveling and bouncing. This is a girl who can bust the moves that make guys bust a nut. Brick is a convert to the worship of Ms Yummy and feels the joy the sight of her voluptuous body gives to a man. Ms Yummy's loud butt-clapping has him hooked. It's ass-music to a man's ears. She tells Brick to get the baby oil and douse her badonkadonk and big, heavy tits. Ms Yummy tells Brick that they should go inside just in case the neighbors are watching. He follows her to the bedroom where a giggling Ms Yummy resumes her private twerk show. Ms Yummy has very sensitive breasts and Brick's hooter-handling gets her hot. He gets this little beauty on her hands and knees on the bed and gives her his cock to swallow. And at the most-critical point, just as he is about to blow his load on Ms. Yummy's big jugs, the camera fails! So what did we do? Just throw out the entire scene after all that preparation, travel and work? We decided to post it after all, because twerking Ms. Yummy is so hot.
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4.9/5 Stars
Featuring: Carmen De Luz
"What's going on, papi?" Carmen De Luz asks as she saunters over to Rocky. "How about a private dance for you?" Ah, that's music to our ears. Even in South Florida, which is home to some of the world's best strip clubs, you'd be lucky to get a lap dance from a dime piece like Carmen. She's the type of chick you'll brag about bagging for weeks to your boys. Especially because she has sex skills that make your toes curl as you try not to cum. "I've been known to make guys cum faster than they want," Carmen says. "Especially when they're fucking me from the back. I'll look back sometimes and notice that his eyes are closed or that he just doesn't want to look down. And it's because if he does look down, he'll bust his nut right there. I like knowing I can do that to a guy." We're not surprised at all. Carmen has a plump ass and thick thighs that are made for doggystyle, beat-her-pussy-up fucking. She's made for the kind of hard fucking where the sound of your hips smacking into her ass and thighs echo throughout the house. She's the type of girl who makes you keep track of your stroke number so you don't cum too quickly. She's the type of girl whose ass and pussy you want to enjoy. Shoot, you want to fall asleep inside her and have another round as soon as you wake up. "Morning sex is the best sex," Carmen said. "But it's fucking. Fucking with me is always good."
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4.8/5 Stars
Featuring: Thalia Tate
You know what's hot? A huge, fuckin' ass. That's what. And you know what's even hotter than that? A huge, fuckin' wet ass. That's right. And when that ass belongs to none other than the fine and sexy Thalia Tate, a dancer from the West side, well then, you are in for a treat because Thalia has a big ol' butt. The kind of butt that you want to smack a few times, just to test out the jiggle factor. And boy, is she horny! Just being by the hot tub and getting her ass wet is enough for her to be turned on and ready to get off. Watch as this mocha momma rocks her pussy for your prying eyes. So good it will make you want to coat her can in your cum.
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