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Featuring: Yazmina Melendez
Here at BootyLicious, we're fans of classic, wholesome entertainment. Especially interactive games like Twister. Which is why our boy Carlos brought his wife over to their good friend Yazmina Melendez's place. Carlos' wife gets a call and has to go pick up their kids. Luckily for him, wifey wouldn't want to interrupt the game. And that's when the game really gets interactive. "How's that?" Yazmina asks when her last spin leaves her sitting her phat 'donk on Carlos' face. "I don't think I can reach the spinner from here," he responds. "But, I don't think I'm concerned with that." Yazmina may not be the best at Twister, but with a classic phat Latina 'donk like hers, we know she can do the twist. "Sit on my face," he says. "Bounce that ass on my face." That's not enough for these two, though. An ass like this is made to ride dick. Yazmina slides down and jumps on Carlos' cock reverse cowgirl. "Oh, fuck me with that cock," she says. "That dick feels so good." Yazmina flips around and rides Carlos from the front. Then he turns her around and smashes that ass of hers from the back. When he's done, he drops a mountain of jizz on her ass. We're sure Carlos can't wait to do the twist with her again.
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Featuring: Kapri Styles
When Kapri sees an ad for video vixen auditions, she puts on her flyest, tightest pair of jeans and heads over to work her booty for the camera. But when she arrives at the house where the video is being shot, she realizes that the would-be rapper is not some hero, but some white boy zero with whacked out dreams and schemes to make it big. When Kapri asks wannabe fly-guy what his skills are, he tells her that he shoots white lightning and whips out his dick. Not one to let perfectly good cock go to waste, Kapri decides that if you can't beat 'em, bone 'em and takes this guy for the ride of his life. Watch as she slams her ass all over his face and then lets him spear her tight asshole. She may not be in a rap video, but she is definitely the star of this movie.
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Featuring: Shanna Ryun
If you're lookin' for freedom, look no further than our latest bad white chick Shanna Ryun. She's got the word tatted right above her phat vanilla can, and being the ass-lovers that we are, we always knew we felt the freest bangin' bad bitches from the back. Shanna knows exactly what the combination of her curves and thick 'donk does to guys like us. "I just want someone to come and fuck me," she says laid out on her couch. "Anybody. Just come and get it. I want him." The lucky guy she chose is our boy, Enzo. And he knows just what to do with a thick white chick hoping to be filled with dick. Shanna doesn't waste any time gettin' down and slobbering on Enzo's knob when he pulls it out of his pants. This is a chick who deepthroats with the best of them, and she's showing off her skills here. Enzo returns the favor by smashing Shanna from the back before he stuffs his huge cock in her tight ass. After hittin' it from the back, Enzo pulls his cock out and jizzes all over her phat ass and onto her tat. Yep, our boy definitely found freedom.
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Featuring: Paris Sweetz
Paris knew her neighbor had a thing for her bubble when she came home after a long day of work, she didn't bother to close the blinds before she started undressing. She hoped he'd be home, waiting to watch her take her clothes off. Paris stripped slowly, taking her time getting naked. Then she looked up and saw he was standing in his window...stroking his hard dick through his pants. She motioned for him to come over for a booty call. When he came over, she told him that she wanted to taste him. She pulled his pants off, and when his big dick sprung out in her face, she wrapped her soft lips around it. "I'm going to make you feel good," she said. Then she sucked his cock nice and slow. "I want you to fill my pussy up with your hot cum," Paris said. Then she sat on his fat cock, grinding her pussy on him as she rode him. She knew he had been watching her for weeks and she had been waiting for this moment to happen for a long time. She didn't even know his name. But that didn't stop her from letting him fuck her in every position, from doggie to cowgirl. "Squeeze my ass and spank it!" she screamed out, throwing her ass up against him, making it pop and jiggle while he pounded her from behind. "I want every drop of your cum inside this fat pussy. You cum for me. Fill me up!" she screamed, and then he blew his load inside her. When he pulled his dick out and Paris felt her cunt overflowing with his seed, she felt satisfied.
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