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Featuring: Stacy Love
It's Friday, the start of the weekend, so most guys are thinking about heading out to whatever club or party is allegedly jumpin' to kick off their weekend. Clearly, those guys don't have a girl like Stacy Love chillin' in their bedrooms. Because if they did, they'd want to stay in for the night. And sleep in the next morning, too. Stacy's feeling extra-horny right now and she wants some attention. "I want you to play with my ass," she says with her cheeks poking out of her jeans. The club may be jumpin' right now, but not as much as the bulge in our pants did when Stacy said that in her cute and sultry voice. Our boy Tony is just the man for this job. He starts with a little ass worship before these two really begin to enjoy their hot night in. Tony bangs this bad, chocolate-skinned bitch every which way before spraying his hot load all over her buns. When you've got a chick like Stacy, you stay in every night.
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Featuring: Laurie Vargas
There's always something to find walking down the streets of Miami. If you're as lucky as our boy Jordan, you might find a sexy Latina like Laurie Vargas who's down to play. "Do you want to play with my toy?" he says as he hops off of his Segway. That ain't the only toy she'll be playing with, though. Jordan has a magic stick that needs some special attention, and Laurie's got the ass to cast the spells it needs. "I think you would enjoy it much more riding something else," Laurie says. "What would I enjoy riding, beautiful?" he asks. "This big ass," Laurie says as she taps her sexy apple bottom. Laurie drops down to her knees and gives Jordan some throat-banging head, sliding her spit-greased mouth up and down his dick. Then she hops on top and gives him the ride he's been waiting for. "Oh, you like this ride, baby," she says as he smashes her pussy. He turns her around and fucks her doggy style before he slams his stiff cock into her ass-tunnel. When he's done, he gives Laurie a creampie in her asshole. Now, this is our type of ride.
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Featuring: Coco Isis
Coco Isis is all that and a bag of chips. Well, she's all that and several bags of chips and some dip, too. Coco is one of the baddest bitches to ever grace BootyLicious, and we're always excited to see her. Especially because she doesn't waste a second when it's time to get dirty. Getting dirty is more than just a pastime to Coco, it's a passion. "I love playing with myself," Coco said. I'm addicted to masturbation. I turn myself on all the time. Looking at myself in the mirror naked gets me horny. People always say you should love yourself, and I do." You're damn right about that, Coco. You have to love yourself first, and there certainly is plenty to love. She's got a "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave." 'donk that was made for all night bump-and-grinds. Something Coco knows all about. "Face down, ass up," Coco said when we asked what her favorite position is. "That's the only way I like to fuck."
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Featuring: Alycia Starr
Stars come in all shapes and sizes, but not many come with a badonkadonk like this. Alycia Starr is a 5'3" Latina from Las Vegas with a 43-inch ass and curves that can stop traffic. With all those curves, we hope the men over there have checked their brakes. Our hung stud Johnny Champ is more than capable of maneuvering those tight curves, though. "I seen you dancing at the club with this thing," he says. "Oh, you like that ass?" Alycia responds. Alycia loves to make it clap, and she gives Johnny a preview of how she's going to work his stiff dick by demonstrating her skills. When she finally hops on top, Alycia gets the type of hard fuck an ass like hers deserves. Every day a star is born, but this is our favorite Starr in porn.
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