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Featuring: Baby Doll
It takes a lot of working out to keep an ass tight and right. And booty cutie Baby Doll knows that. That's why she's giving you the insider's look at her booty blast workout. And, of course, all that means is that she is going to work her booty until you blast off! Watch her make her ripe cheeks bounce, one at a time, and then make her ass clap. Of course, no ass workout would be complete without some ass slapping and a lot of bending over. Hey, you gotta do what it takes to work that ass out! Once Baby Doll has worked up a sweat, she takes out the most important tool for toning that tush...her vibrator. (What? It's a workout accessory!) And then she plugs her cunt until she cums because a good workout tones every muscle, and in Baby's case, even her pussy muscles get toned.
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Featuring: Giselle Humes
We have a thing for glazed buns. You could call it an obsession. We can't get enough of glazed buns and neither can our friend Johnny Rod. So like a real bun lover, he offers to glaze ridiculously curvy, Giselle Humes' buns. What a guy. "I think that sounds like a lot of fun," she says. It's going to be fun for all of us, Giselle. There are few things Johnny enjoys doing more than glazing phat buns. But bun glazing isn't something you jump right into, though. There's a bit of prep involved. Prep that includes worshiping Giselle's ass, eating her pussy, Giselle sucking your cock, and of course, fucking your brains out. Johnny bangs Giselle doggystyle first, then lays down so she can work his cock cowgirl before laying her back down again for a missionary fuck. Giselle is begging for Johnny's jizz now. "Oh yes, baby, glaze me," she demands. "Glaze my buns, baby!" One pair of glazed buns cumming right up!
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Featuring: Kelly Starr
Kelly Starr is going about her business when she is stopped by a BootyLicious recruiter in the parking lot of a shopping center. It's no surprise because Ms. Starr has a gigantic set of titties and an even bigger ass. Her asscheeks are like a perfect shelf, and this guy doesn't know if he should sit on it or get in it! She has real backdoor bumpers. Recruiter guy asks Kelly if she'd like to star in a BootyLicious video. She's surprised at first but she's flattered and agrees. She gets into his BootyMobile and off they go to the BootyMansion where the crew there is ass-tounded over the size and shape of her buttocks. They are also shocked by the muscle control Kelly has over her ass-cheeks. They inspect her booty like it's a Christmas gift. Two of the guys take Kelly on the spot, double-teaming her. She sucks their cocks like a wild woman. The two dudes take turns fucking Kelly's soaked pussy before they put her in a doggie pose and double-penetrate her; one dude in her pussy on the bottom, the other dude from behind pounding her asshole in an out-of-control booty-fest that brings the roof down!
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Featuring: Cici Love
"Look at you," Asante Stone says as he lays a few love taps on Cici Love's lightly tanned can. "Look at that... that big butt. You're a fantasy." Girls like Cici are the type of girls our wildest dreams are made of. But this is no fantasy. Cici is going to get the hardest fucking of her life courtesy of our boy Mr. Stone. After some ass worship, Asante lays down on the bed and Cici hops on top. She straddles him and teases his cock through his boxer briefs. "Oh, you feel that?" Asante asks with Cici teasing his cock with her ass. "You like that?" We can tell she does. Asante tears her clothes off and these two can't keep their hands or mouths off each other. Asante is sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Cici is sucking and jerking his cock, getting him lubed up and rock-hard for her ready cunt. Cici lets out a soft moan when Asante finally stuffs himself inside her pussy. She's been eagerly anticipating this slab of meat, and Asante gives her everything she can handle. He fucks her from the side and then he stuffs his cock in her ass doggystyle. Not one to just lay there and take it, Cici works him cowgirl and missionary. Asante is fucking her harder and harder with each stroke until neither of them can hold back any longer. After Cici cums, Asante pulls his dick out of her booty and sprays his load all over her ass.
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