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Featuring: Paris Sweetz
Paris knew her neighbor had a thing for her bubble when she came home after a long day of work, she didn't bother to close the blinds before she started undressing. She hoped he'd be home, waiting to watch her take her clothes off. Paris stripped slowly, taking her time getting naked. Then she looked up and saw he was standing in his window...stroking his hard dick through his pants. She motioned for him to come over for a booty call. When he came over, she told him that she wanted to taste him. She pulled his pants off, and when his big dick sprung out in her face, she wrapped her soft lips around it. "I'm going to make you feel good," she said. Then she sucked his cock nice and slow. "I want you to fill my pussy up with your hot cum," Paris said. Then she sat on his fat cock, grinding her pussy on him as she rode him. She knew he had been watching her for weeks and she had been waiting for this moment to happen for a long time. She didn't even know his name. But that didn't stop her from letting him fuck her in every position, from doggie to cowgirl. "Squeeze my ass and spank it!" she screamed out, throwing her ass up against him, making it pop and jiggle while he pounded her from behind. "I want every drop of your cum inside this fat pussy. You cum for me. Fill me up!" she screamed, and then he blew his load inside her. When he pulled his dick out and Paris felt her cunt overflowing with his seed, she felt satisfied.
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Featuring: Dede Lopez
Here at BootyLicious we like to work hard and play hard. Most of the time, we like to do both at the same time. Especially when our favorite Latina Dede swings by our shop after a long day at work. We always try to lay down that good dick for her perfect pussy right then and there. "We don't have time to fuck," Dede Lopez says as she teases the camera with her ass and tight pussy. "But you can watch me play. I can't wait to see the real thing later." We're usually the type of dudes who don't like to wait, but when a chick looks this good, we'll bide our time with fantasizing about taking big bites out of Dede's phat apple bottom. And we've gotta admit, while Dede's ass is a definite must-smash, watching her slide a dildo in and out of her tight, wet pussy is enough to make us drop several nuts, too. Sort of like must-see, must-jack TV. "Oh, this is my favorite toy," she says. "I'm gonna come so hard for you with it." When she finally does cum, she does it by slipping her fat dildo in and out of her dripping, wet cunt. And she does all this while perched on a rim. "Oh, I got cum all over it," she says. That's all right, Dede. That's our favorite type of rim job.
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Featuring: Aryana Adin
Aryana Adin is a hot piece of ass from California. She likes going for long runs, studying a range of topics from culinary arts to child psychology and banging both women and men. What else can we tell you about Ms. Adin? Well, we can give you a little insider secret. When she shot this scene with John here, she came for the first time from anal sex. That's right. That ass got tapped until she tapped out! Way to tap that ass, John! We're glad you're back, Aryana! Aryana: And I am glad to be back. Especially since I came really hard while shooting. It was the first time I had an anal orgasm, too. Wait, you mean you actually came when this stud fucked your asshole? Wow! That's hot. Aryana: I know! It's mind-blowing, right? But it was so amazing. Everything was in sync. I was really horny and his dick felt so big and hard in my ass, and from one second to the next, I was cumming and it was by far the best orgasm I have ever had. It was intense!
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Featuring: Holly Wood
Holly Wood is at the window checking out a working guy laboring by her place while on the phone with her girlfriend. Her friend dares her to go outside and pick him up. This is an easy challenge for "Hot Ass." She greets him with a bottle of water and invites him inside so she can blow his pants clean off, tit-bang and fuck him. He's in highly skilled hands. Workman's Comp was never like this except at BOOTYLICIOUS. Holly's PHAT curves and beautiful face inspired one of you members to write, "I am so attracted to Holly it is ridiculous. I am blown away every time I see a new photo set or video of her. I hope you keep bringing her back because she is absolutely stunning. 'Hot Ass' is the perfect adjective to describe Holly because she has the hottest ass I've ever seen. I'm just mesmerized every time I see it. But Holly is just a gorgeous woman from head to toe. I just can't get enough of her. It would be enough if she just had that great ass and those tits, but she has a pretty face and curves, too. More Holly, please!" You got it, anonymous member. Enjoy Holly getting railed hard and having her thick ass plastered with hot jizz.
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