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Featuring: Tia Sweets
There's nothing like having a cold drink after a long day. Especially if Tia Sweets is your bartender on that particular night. You'd start off by knockin' back a few cold brews, and then take things a bit further with a few shots. We aren't talkin' about shots of Patron or Grey Goose, though. We're talkin' about ass shots from a sexy mulatta bartender. You won't need a chaser because these shots go down smooth, and you won't blame any decisions you make on the alcohol because the only hangover you'll suffer from is TNA overdose. "I have a high sex drive," Tia said. "I like going all night, and when we wake up, I want to do it again. There's no better alarm than waking up with your man going down on you." Right now, she's going down on our boy Big Pike's cock before he flips her over and fucks her on her side, and then doggy style. We forgot to mention that Tia likes being served shots, too. Not ass shots, though. She likes cum shots on her tits, mouth and ass. Pike, being the generous customer he is, serves up a thick cum shot all over her booty as a phat ass tip.
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Featuring: Thalia Tate
That must be jelly cause jam don't jiggle like that! Thalia has so much fresh and bang-able ass meat it's mesmerizing. We're caught in a trance just looking at Thalia while she bounces and spanks her ass. And she knows it, too. "What are you looking at?" Thalia asks. "Are you looking at my nice, juicy ass?" Thalia, you're damn right we are. And our boy Johnny Rod is going to fuck the hell out of your ass and pussy today, too. "You can ride my dick any day," Johnny responds when Thalia says her favorite position is cowgirl. Johnny has fucked his fair share of hotties with perfect bodies, but Thalia is among the cream of the big bootied crop. She's going to give him the ride of his life. "I see that big bulge in your pants," she says. "I can tell you're ready for me." He definitely is ready. And we're ready to watch our new favorite rider.
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Featuring: Caroline Pierce
When you're workin' with a big ol' booty like Caroline Pierce's, ass worship is something you don't even have to ask dudes for. They'll be lined up around the block with a fistful of stiff cock. "Oh, yeah, get in that ass," she says to our boy Anthony as he licks and nibbles on her badonkadonk. "Yeah, get in there nice and deep." Caroline is a rarity. She's a sexy, white MILF from Las Vegas with a phat ass. We know that with age comes experience, and with an ass like that to go with it, Caroline knows a few tricks about how to work a magic stick. "You like seeing my ass bounce?" she asks as she teases Anthony some more with her booty. "You're so greedy." Soon, it's Anthony's turn to tease Caroline, though. He lies down on the couch, and she sits on his face. Anthony begins to tease and lick her pussy until Caroline can't take anymore and wants a taste of his cock. She turns around and hops on top of him and they 69. She works her mouth down his cock until she's got a throat-full of dick. Caroline may have the experience, but Anthony has youth and a hung cock to give this MILF exactly what she needs. She hops up on his cock, and our boy beasts on her tight pussy. "Oh, you like that?" Anthony asks as Caroline's phat ass bounces on his cock. Every booty lover knows that if a girl has junk in the trunk, you haven't really experienced it until you've fucked her doggy style. Caroline spins that ass of hers around, and Anthony smashes her pussy until she's moanin' and creamin'. When our boy's finally done, he drops a hot load of man-cream all over Caroline's ass.
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Featuring: Navaeh Lopez
Mama always said you shouldn't talk to strangers, but mama never got a look at Navaeh Lopez. She's a thick lil' dime piece built for all the dirty things that make fucking fun. She's thin in the waist, boasts 38 inches of ass jelly and has dick-sucking-lips. "Do you want to give me a ride," Navaeh asks as his car pulls up beside her. "I'm not sure," he responds. "Will it be worth my time." "It will be worth both of our time," Navaeh says confidently. "How about I jump in and give you a good time?" That sounds like a plan. Navaeh and Matt ride back to his house, and they're both ready to go. "Your ass is pretty phat," he remarks. "It's pretty hot and tempting." Indeed it is. Navaeh saunters into Matt's bedroom and puts on a private booty-popping show for him. Typically, you only see twerking like this at the world's most-famous strip joints, but we have Navaeh all to ourselves today. She then pulls out her favorite toy, a white dildo, and stuffs her cunt with it while making her booty clap. Like Matt said earlier, she's pretty hot and tempting.
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